Past Chapter Presidents

69November 2023 Jack Jaegers
68November 2022November 2023Ethan Shapiro
67November 2021November 2022Bo A. Borden
66November 2020November 2021Josh R. Elliott
65November 2019November 2020Jacob Sinopoli
64November 2018November 2019Adam T. Sienkiewicz
63March 2017November 2018Mason M. Blevins
62August 2016March 2017Zeke M. Walters
61November 2015May 2016Adison Murphy
60November 2014November 2015Nick Hall
59November 2013November 2014Tyler Kroeschell
58November 2012November 2013Ryan T. Torpey
57August 2012November 2012Brandon J. Hill
56December 2011August 2012Alex W. Pikul
55February 2011December 2011Carlos T. Perry
54December 2009February 2011Andrew B. Ramsey
53April 2009December 2009Dan C. Moss
52January 2009April 2009Royal O. Baker
51December 2008January 2009Benjamin McWilliams
50January 2008December 2008Brandon Demyan
49February 2007January 2008Ryan J. Dougherty
48January 2006February 2007Matthew Moderson
47December 2004January 2006Ira I. Fannin Jr.
46January 2004December 2004Andrew R. Monroe
45May 2003January 2004David V. deGruy III
44March 1999May 1999Daniel R. Sipes
43April 1996March 1998Michael C. Booker
42June 1995April 1996Scott B. Tippins
41January 1995June 1995Jimmy P. Owen III
40December 1993January 1995Michael G. Kenyon
39September 1992December 1993Bo A. Cumbo
38March 1992 David C. Shepherd
37January 1992December 1992Kevin J. McDonough
36January 1991December 1991Jeffrey C. King
35January 1989December 1989Barry P. King
34January 1985December 1985James H. Davis, Jr.
33January 1984December 1984Kent J. Richard
32January 1983December 1983Kevin B. Kollmann
31January 1981December 1981Frank J. Magazine
29January 1977December 1977Benny Bliss
30January 1977December 1977Benny Bliss
28January 1975December 1975David L. Nordness
25January 1973December 1973Paul L. Ellen, Jr.
26January 1973December 1973LTCR Glenn H. Ward
27January 1973December 1974Robert C. Hendrickson III
24January 1972December 1972Carl W. Jones
23January 1971December 1972Professor Paul M. Chenoweth
22January 1969December 1969Edward C. Bonieski
21January 1968December 1968Paul R. Lee
20January 1967December 1967Michael R. Foil
19January 1966December 1966J. C. White
18January 1964December 1965Jim V. Dunlap
17January 1963December 1963Conrad L. Beland
16January 1962December 1962Walter D. Johnson
15January 1961December 1961Ralph L. Elkins, Jr.
14January 1959December 1959Robert B. Ivey
13January 1957December 1958E. Marvin King III
12January 1956December 1956Ralph A. Smith
11January 1955December 1955James P. Hatcher, Jr.
10January 1954December 1954Bill T. Dawson
9January 1953December 1953Bill D. Brown
8January 1951December 1951Thomas P. Steber
7January 1950December 1950Fred E. Digesu
6January 1949December 1949John M. McKenzie
5January 1948December 1948James F. Pate, Jr.
4January 1947December 1947William A. Weed, Jr.
1  Otis S. Moreman III
2  Patrick L. Thompson
3  Robert C. Hendrickson III

The Beta-Lambda Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Auburn University was installed as a chapter on July 12, 1947.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.